Ring Designers

If you are a fan of fine jewlery and designers that push the envelope, this post is for you. I am a sucker for rings, especially those with an eclectic mix of stones and metals. When designing my own Boho Kitty pieces, I tend to get most of my inspiration from jewlery designers that create for women who appreciate vintage elements, but with a modern edge.

Any untraditional girls wanting to drop some hints to their boyfys? Take a look at my top 5:

Luna Skye by Samantha Conn

Instagram: @lskyejewelry

Based: Los Angeles, USA

Luna Skye fine jewelry appears as the name suggests; celestial and spiritual. Created for the free spirited bohemian who is looking for something that feels earthy and unique. The Luna Skye signature style includes rose gold and opals. Opals are one of my favorite stones as it was all my Oma would wear while I was growing up. The designs feel feminine and definitely on trend.


Anna Sheffield

Instagram: @annasheffield

Based: New York City, USA

Anna Sheffield designs are a true reflection of NYC; urban, edgy, cool. Sheffield’s fine jewelry are geared towards a girl who likes a bit of rock and roll with an art deco influence. Sheffield is all about stacks and layering, and her signature rose gold and black diamond mixes are my absolute favourite. Her designs are about mixing metals, colors, and textures.


 Natalie Marie Jewellery

Instagram: @nataliemariejewellery

Based: Sydney, Australia

If you are looking for a ring that is dainty and feminine, Natalie Marie has you covered. The beauty in her pieces lie in the attention to detail, making every design feel natural and unforced. Each piece appears to be truly one of a kind, and her designs incorporate a wide variety of earthy stones. My favourite thing about Natalie Marie jewelry is the ultra thin bands and eclectic sets.


Heidi Gibson

Instagram: @heidigibsondesigns

Based: Los Angeles, USA

The strongest element of Heidi Gibson jewelry is that when you see a design, you know it is hers. Each piece has a strong point of view that is dead on with her sense of style. Heidi Gibson jewlery is for the girl looking for a statement ring that offers both art deco and bohemian vibes. Her designs are very intricate, and I am in awe at how each piece feels both vintage and fresh. The signature Gatsby ring is a total stunner.


Katkim Fine Jewlery

Instagram: @katkimnewyork

Based: New York City, USA

Katkim fine jewelry is all about clean lines, symmetry and minimal design. Her pieces are made for women who appreciate architectural influences and have a modern sense of style. My personal favourite design elements in her work are the grey diamonds and floating stones. Katkim has an incredible knack for creating pieces that are very unique and yet feel timeless.



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