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As a runner, I am so used to having some sort of watch on my wrist. When it’s all business, my watch of choice is for practical purposes only – comfortable, easy to use, and able to keep track of my splits, pace, and HR.

When I’m done with training for the day, my watches of choice are better suited to my sense of style. Watches are definitely one of my favorite fashion accessories because they often tell a lot about a person’s style and personality. Looking at all the watches I own, its clear that there is a consistent trend.

The watches I tend to be attracted to are classic styles, with a bit of a modern edge – Leather bands, clean lines, brushed metallic, and minimal design are all stylistic features that tap into my fashionable side away from the track. I generally like watches that are gender neutral and that reflect a design aesthetic that is natural and uncomplicated.

Below are a few in my collection that may give you some inspiration. These show a mix of upcoming ‘trendy’ brands and also the classic luxury brands that have been around for 150+ years.

1. The 5th Watches

Instagram: @the5thwatches

Price range for watch below: $100-$150 USD

“Minimal, classic pieces. Designed to help you get more out of life.” The thing I like most about the 5th watches is that they know how to create a sense of exclusitivity and represent a consistent brand. True to its name, the watches are only available to purchase for 5 days every 5th of the month. This interesting premise separates this emerging brand from others similar to it, as does the “V” highlighted on the dial in their design. The 5th watches have three unique ranges: Tokyo, New York, and Melbourne. Jeff bought me the “Rose Gold & Peach” Melbourne watch for valentines day a couple of years ago. This was when my rose gold obsession began.

2. The Horse

Instagram: @the_horse

Price range for watch below: ($250-$300 USD)

The Horse brand in another emerging Australian brand based out of Sydney. The design philosophy of The Horse is magnifying what is essential and getting rid of the excess – “buying once, and buying well.” All their pieces feel very well made and they show variety in design through different leather, dial face, and metallic color options. The Horse have four collections: The Original, the Classic, the Stone, and the D-Series. The watch I have is the “Brushed Rose Gold / Navy” D-Series. The more expensive of the four ranges, the D-Series is a little more luxury than the others because it is powered by Swiss Movement and encased in crystal Sapphire glass.

3. Uncle Jack

Instagram: @unclejackwatches

Price range for watch below: ($100-$150 USD)

Similar to The 5th Watches and The Horse, Uncle Jack is another emerging brand that blurs the line between classic and contemporary. The designs are very simple, and most of the variety in their designs can be seen in different band material options. Uncle Jack is perfect for someone looking for a desirable watch that is on trend, but at an affordable price. The watch I own is their “Rose Gold-Black” which is definitely a bold accessory. The jet black band and dial face add a little modern edge to any outfit.

4. Burberry

Instagram: @burberry

Price range for watch below: $500-$600 USD

Of course my favorite British brand, Burberry fashion exudes urban chic sophistication. Founded in 1856, the Burberry brand is known from using luxe materials and is often represented through their iconic check. This Burberry watch was my gift to Jeff for his 30th birthday. Although branded as a men’s watch, the large face and chunky bezel still looks good on a woman’s wrist. My favorite thing about this particular design is the charcoal face and brown leather band, both subtly representing the Burberry iconic check in a less literal way.

5. Longines

Instagram: @longines

Price range for watch below: +$1500 USD

Probably my most valuable watch in both price and sentimentality, this Longines time piece has a story. Back in the 1980’s Longines was focused on ultra thin and minimal styles, with both men and women wearing slightly smaller faces. My mum bought this for my dad 35 years ago, and then when mens fashion began to shift, it became hers. Over the years she has changed out the leather band to different colors and now that it is mine, I plan to do the same. In investigating previous Longines designs, I believe this piece is from the Agassiz line – a range released in 1982 in 18 carat gold.


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