Puss Puss Magazine

Ever picked up a magazine and thought, “Wow, this was made for me”? This is how I feel about PUSS PUSS Magazine.

As described on their website, PUSS PUSS is the publication for music, culture, fashion, and of course, cat lovers. Similar to the ‘feline’ section here on heidandseek.com, PUSS PUSS is not just about cute kitten pics and cat lady tendencies. The pages are filled with beautiful photography, and exude a high fashion and quirky sense of style. The articles delve into the feline persona and explore how it has shaped our culture throughout history.

“Cats in general were always seen as spiritual beings with the abilities to see things humans could not see such as spirits, which imbued them with a special power and a sense of respect.”

Gemma Lacey: Associate Editor, PUSS PUSS Magazine

Although it is hard to choose, my favorite part of the magazine would have to be its interviews with alternative, yet highly accomplished, men and women. Whether these people are political figures, designers, writers, artists, business owners, or entrepreneurs, they all reveal the spiritual influence of the cat, and how it has fueled their creativity and success.

Currently PUSS PUSS have four issues, each one better than the one before. If you are feline friendly and searching for some creative inspiration, you must get your hands on them ASAP. The time is meow.



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