Fifty Shades

Yes! It’s time to talk about perhaps my favorite fashion accessory of all… SUNNIES. I’ve covered my go-to’s for your fingers and wrists, but let’s face it, your sunnies will tell the most about your style.

If you take a look at my insta account, you’ll see that in a large amount of photos I am wearing a pair of sunnies. Personally I feel designer sunglasses are usually worth the purchase, especially if you wear them as often as I do. This is not to say I don’t have a few cheap ones that I wear from time to time, but there’s something so special about putting on a fresh pair of quality sunglasses.

One reason I love sunnies is that you don’t have to put much effort into the rest of your outfit for it to look like you have your shit together. Some ripped denim shorts and your husband’s tee is ‘effortlessly chic’ with a pair of fashion forward sunglasses. My activewear post workout is instantly cool for coffee dates with the addition of some Gucci frames.

Other than the sunnies I wear to workout in, the pair I pick for the day are usually based on my mood rather than my outfit. If I’m feeling upbeat I go for the fun and interesting pair. If its a busy day, I stick to practical. If I wake up moody I lean towards the biggest frames (I guess to hide me RBF and so no one will talk to me 💁🏽) Example below…

But the real struggle for me is not what ones to buy, but where to get them from. I want quality and I also want options. I know you all relate…

Recently I collaborated with Vision Direct, and it has become clear that they will be the place to shop for all my future purchases. Their variety of brands and styles are endless, which means finding a pair that fits your needs and at a discounted price is easy.

My newest sunglasses from VD have quickly become one of my favorites. This pair of Dior “SO REAL” are a signature style to the Dior brand. I love these sunnies because they encompass everything I love about fashion – vibrant and unexpected, yet versatile. My husband says they make me look ‘fast’ so thats a big tick in my eyes. They are not your all day everyday type of pair, but they exude confidence and will instantly add a sense of glam to almost any outfit.

My favorite thing about the design of the “SO REAL” is all about composition – the combination of the gold crystal lenses with the gold wire is architecturally beautiful. These details paired with the sky blue accents for the invisible bridge scream luxe and will undeniably give you that fashion flair.  The “SO REAL” are available in many fun colors and can be viewed here.

Since a lot of quality sunglasses are pricey, its important to select a frame that will be perfect for your lifestyle and not just because it’s ‘in fashion’ at that time. When I look at the collection I have, three different styles come to mind – Sporty, Edgy, and Classic. If you are torn on what type of sunnies to purchase, its worth listing three types that represent what parts of your personality you’d like to be reflected.

Are you bold? Are you ultra feminine? Are you a minimalist? Don’t be afraid to try a new look and #ShadeYourself. 💋 Happy shopping!




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