A Little Taste of Miami

At the end of track season, Jeff and I always anticipate taking a short holiday somewhere, but in recent years this has never really followed through. This year I was determined to enjoy some time away with Jeff 1. Because my time off synced up with our anniversary weekend and 2. I had spent close to 8 out of the last 12 months away from him. Our criteria was somewhere we both hadn’t been to, that was beachy, fun, and easy travel. In the end it was Miami that ticked all those boxes and so we planned our four night getaway.

My overall experience from Miami was positive, and at some point I would love to go back. One of my favorites parts of our trip (and typically every trip I go on) is being able to try a variety of different cuisines. Miami is not lacking in restaurants and cafes, but the quantity is so large that picking where to eat can feel overwhelming. Even though I was only away for four nights I was able to sink my teeth into a good mix of food spots, and here are my ratings and reviews:


150 20th St. Miami Beach

Located downstairs of Townhouse Hotel in south beach, this underground hot spot was a little east meets west. There is something for everyone on the menu, but for me it was Ramen all the way. During my stay I tried the Lobster Ramen (quite spicy) and the Vegetarian Ramen. Both were delicious and a solid serving size. I was also a fan of the Japanese influenced cocktails. K. Ramen Burger Beer stays open LATE so Jeff was stoked to grab tots and a burger at 3am after a big night out. My 3am food of choice was the salmon hand roll…as you do.

2341 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

So Plnthouse, I really wanted to love you, but I left feeling underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, the decor and location in the luxury 1 Hotel was beautiful, but taste wise it was disappointing. This plant-based cafe serves food with pretty presentation and fresh ingredients, but the servings were small and not very tasty. The coffee was the nail in the coffin because it was poorly made and not very hot. Considering how pricey this place was, I had a lot higher expectations. And for those meat heads out there, no, it wasn’t average food simply because it was vegan!

1906 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
RATING: 4.5/5

This was a little different than our usual choice, but we wanted to do something unique for our anniversary. Known to host many celebrities, Baoli is a mix of a luxury and clubby atmosphere. Of course this also means it is a little pretentious, but if your ready for high energy and delicious food this wont matter too much. From the outside Baoli looks like a run down vacant building, but inside there is a gorgeous garden patio with fairy lights and glow decoration from the ones can be purchased online. Keep in mind if you come here, you will be spending a lot. We booked our reservation at 10pm and were out by 11:30pm, but racked up a $200+ bill pretty easily. The overall experience and Asian fusion food was excellent though – we ordered sushi rolls and a salmon dish. But on the other hand, I’m sure most things taste pretty great when everyone around you is dancing on tables.

1545 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

In contrary to our wild night before, Byblos was a welcomed change of scene. We made a reservation here at 6:30pm to take advantage of the Happy hour (HH was between 6-7). This eastern Mediterranean restaurant had delicious food and decor, and the vibe was relaxed, but social. Served tapas style, Jeff and I ordered alomost everything off the HH menu. We didn’t obsess much over the calamari (a little too much batter if I’m being picky) but everything else was hard to fault. Our favorite thing to eat was the tuna ceviche and truffle pide. YUM.

229 14th St. Miami Beach

Open until 5am, this no frills sandwich shop is a great alternative to early morning fast food. After our early dinner at Byblos, Jeff and I walked along the beach, went for a late 9pm run, and then went back to our hotel to watch a movie. At midnight we were both so hungry, so we decided to visit La Sandwicherie. The food is fresh, uncomplicated and cheap. I ordered the Tropical Sandwich: avocado, mozzarella, lettuce, torators, cucumbers, papaya, mango, pineapple and their signature vinegarette. Sounds like a weird mix of ingredients for a sandwich, but it was surprisingly fantastic.

2000 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Nothing was bad about this place, but nothing was great about it either. The best things were that it was clean, convenient, and served breakfast all day. I’d rate the food as average, the coffee as decent, and the price as ok (for Miami). If you are looking for something reliable and standard then Orange Blossom is a ‘good’ option, but it just doesn’t have the fun atmosphere you would hope for. I ordered the avo on toast with poached eggs and it was fine, but forgettable.

2727 Indian Creek Dr, Miami Beach
RATING: 4.5/5

We loved this brunch spot – the decor was casual, colorful and quirky and the food was different to the usual southern brunch. If you are looking for a food spot that really captures the Miami culture, 27 Restaurant is the perfect choice. I ordered a chia pudding bowl with fresh fruit and it was the best one I have ever had.  You can tell from the menu that they have really thought about the dishes and put together combinations that are unique. The brunch cocktails were also very interesting and fun. We would definitely go back to this place again in any future trips to Miami.



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