Fit Glam

Fit Glam:
Bad ass women who like to dress up as much as they like to slay.

Probs not the exact definition, but in my mind, it seems pretty accurate.

So what exactly does it mean, and more importantly, why does it matter? In other words, ‘fit glam’ is combining these separate entities into one empowering title. In the world of track and field, the glam factor for women in competition is rapidly evolving. Looking put together is no longer a sign of being girly and weak, but rather an indication of someone prepared for battle.

Make up is war paint, diamond earrings are a sign of strength, and fresh manis mean sharpened claws.

A recent event that I was fortunate to be a part of was Nitro Athletics. A three day battle between different countries and the Usain Bolt All Stars team, Nitro gave track and field a face lift and proved that fit glam is a constantly developing concept.

For the most part, athletics involves a lot of hard work that is tiresome and tedious. And because it’s primarily an individual sport, it often isolates the public and makes them feel less invested. Nitro was impressive because it showcased the glamorous side of the sport, proving that athletes could bring their sassy personalities to track and still churn out the results.

Witnessing the progression of fit glam over the last few years was exactly why in 2015 I founded the Boho Kitty Active line. These headbands are not just sparkly hair accessories. They represent the girl-boss in every woman and are another pretty piece of armour on race day. The #bohokittygirl club unifies a group of women who are all about testing their strength, setting goals, and showing up when it matters most.

In 2016 I really felt the force of ‘girl power’ more than I ever had before. The Olympic year is such an emotional season, and it can highlight your biggest triumphs or expose your deepest heartbreaks. Out on the track, women were ruthlesss, but away from it there was an overwhelming sense of respect for each other. When I got injured, I was blown away by the amount of support I received from my competitors. Whether we were going to be Olympians or ‘almosts’, it felt like we were all in this together.

One of my favorite moments of Rio was during a dinner date with my husband in Greenville, SC. I hadn’t been feeling particularly great during this time, so a few drinks and a plate of sushi was my quick fix. During dinner, a guy came up to me to ask if his girlfriend could get a photo. She told me how much she admired me and that I was her inspiration. What she didn’t realize though, was that she became my motivation that night as well. How lucky was I that I could touch someone in that way? How special was it to be part of a huge sisterhood that is women in sport?

I went back into the sushi bar and the women’s 5ooom Olympic final came on the TV. I watched three Aussies toe the line and was excited to see them represent in green and gold. And then my heart was touched just that little bit more, when I witnessed some unmistakeable sparkle glisten on the screen. Genevieve LaCaze was wearing her Boho Kitty bling.

Finally I’m feeling like people are starting to realize that being active is actually fun, and being fit is kinda cool. And just because you are about to push your body to the limit, doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it.





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