Aisha & Shannon

Bride & Groom

Aisha Zaza & Shannon Sams

Wedding Date

September 23, 2016

Wedding Location

Santo Winery, Santorini, Greece

Dress Designer

Atelier Pronovias

Boho Kitty piece

The INDIE headchain (custom)


Vangelis Beltzenitis

First dance song

Latch (acoustic), Sam Smith

Your personality in three words

Captivating, caring, loyal

Your bridal style in three words

Classic, bold, elegant

Favorite thing about your boho kitty piece?

Getting married in Santorini was such a dream come true. I really wanted a piece of what I wore on our wedding day to nod to Greek style without feeling overwhelming. I decided to look for a headpiece that I would switch out with my veil after the ceremony. Finding the perfect one took me months! I wanted a headpiece that was simple yet stunning, and that’s when I found Heidi’s shop on Etsy. I had been drawn to one of her headpieces for a while before I finally reached out. I let her know we were getting married in Santorini and shared my vision with her and she was committed to making the perfect piece for our big day. She made a small tweak to the Indie head chain that made it just a touch more elegant than boho and it turned out absolutely perfect. I love that my head piece was customized for my dress and Santorini and me.

How did you want to feel on your wedding day?

I wanted to feel grateful and loved. Narrowing down our options of how we wanted our wedding day to look was no easy feat. When we decided to get married in such a far-away destination, the main point was to make it about us and the start of our marriage instead of having an event for hundreds of guests. We didn’t know who would actually make it to Santorini, but we ended up having 60 total guests, which completely blows my mind still. To say I felt grateful for everyone that made the journey out there would be an understatement. I was also extremely grateful to marry my best friend in such an amazing place. A byproduct of that was feeling overwhelmingly loved, both by our guests and my husband.

Favorite memory from the day

So many favorites, it’s hard to choose one! I think one of my favorite moments was sitting down at our dinner table with my husband. We chose to sit at a table with just the two of us so for one, it was so nice to finally just be sitting together to celebrate our day as newlyweds, but also because we were looking out at the closest people in both of our lives all in one room. Having a destination wedding was especially fun because everyone had been hanging out all week, so by the time the wedding came everyone was like best friends. Seeing all of our best friends and family, while we finally had a moment to just ourselves was one of my favorite moments of the day.


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