My name is Heidi See and I am the creator of heidandseek.com. A website created for fashion, food, and fitness lovers, Heid & Seek features posts drawing from my personal and professional experiences.

For most of my life I have been a runner, and since 2012 it has been both a full time passion and full time career. Competing at an international level and representing my country is what I will always be most proud of.

Although I dedicate most of my time following my athletic dreams, I am also the the founder of the luxe accessories line Boho Kitty. These two parts of me, along with my degree in Journalism, made Heid & Seek feel like the perfect space to consolidate my passions and connect with other creative individuals.

I am now currently based back at home in Sydney, Australia after spending the past 9 years living the USA. This way of life has taught me that travel is essential for self discovery and home is absolutely where the heart is.

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